To a New & Balanced Me

I’ve been a little lost within myself recently, for a lot of different reasons. This was my reasoning and inspiration for change, and the drive behind this blog post.

I wanted to write down all of the specific things that I’d like to adapt, reasons to reinvent myself, almost as a fresh start if you wish, a new balance to a better and more positive outlook on life.

I just feel as if lately I’m losing a lot of the life that’s in me. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m lacking in something or if I’m just expecting too much from whatever life throws at me, but I do know that I’ve not been as content as I once was.

So for me, this post will be like a new beginning, where I try and solve this problem, encourage a change of heart about the way I view and see myself.

Starting with my mentality, I’ve created several points that everyone, including I, can work on. Creating a new balance that we all need in our lives, beginning with point one…

Stop worrying about what people think.

This has always been something that I’ve struggled with, and still at twenty two years old, I don’t fully understand why we all worry so much about what people think of us.

Thinking and dwelling on their opinions and whether or not people like what we are doing bothers me, and it’s not something we should ever waste our energy worrying about.

Do you like what you’re doing? Damn right.

Do you like how you look? Uh huh.

Should you care about what other people think? Absolutely fucking not, and that’s all that matters.

Don’t be afraid to learn and try new things.

Figure out what makes you happy, what makes you tick as a person by discovering new elements about yourself.

Taking chances and trying out new things now matter how small that change may be is always a step forward.

Whether it’s something as simple as tweaking your usual coffee order, trying out clothing you wouldn’t normally sport or simply listening to a genre of music you usually don’t go for. Just give it all a go.

Being self aware about what you like and what you don’t is important, it’s a strength to know for yourself what’s good for your mentality.

Surround yourself with good people, and ONLY good people. 

Having people in your life that do you well as a person is so important, and the quicker you realise who drains your precious energy the better.

The people who mean the most to you and your mentality are the people who inspire you, whether that be physically, mentally, or creatively.

People that push you to do more for yourself are the type that will benefit you the most, set you in the right mind to make the most of everything that life hands you.

Gratitude is also very important, being thankful for the people who are there for you creates such a positive energy. Letting them know just how grateful you are is a warm happy glow, that you and everyone else will also benefit from. We rise as human beings by lifting others.

I personally believe that the energy we give out to the world is what we receive in return. If you’re creating bad vibes, you aren’t going to benefit from the positivity that’s out there.

Always make time for yourself.

Finding contentment in spending quality time on your own is a huge step towards accepting and loving yourself that little bit more.

There’s so much happiness in having a little ‘me’ time.

Whether that’s catching up on a series on Netflix, cosying up with a book or spilling your thoughts into a journal, spending that personal time on your own is a great way to de-stress.

It’s a way to unwind, clear your mentality as well as making sure that you’re sanity is well cared for.

Never rely on anyone but yourself to make you happy.  

I don’t know why us as humans are often blinded by that fact that it should only ever be us to make decisions for ourselves. We should do whatever we want, when we want, without any question.

Make changes, take chances, do the things that you want to do and don’t let anyone define you or tell you that what you’re doing is wrong.

This is your life and you create your own path, so choose how you want to live it.

Don’t get mad at whatever life throws at you.

Life can be questionable, even I know that, and things can get difficult and test your strength as a person. Whatever the problem may be, these things happen, and it’s no ones fault, not even your own.

I think we can all admit that life tends to throw you obstacles and quite ruthlessly be a bitch, but getting angry and frustrated about these issues doesn’t solve much, if anything it just drains your energy even more.

Yes, it’s okay to be angry and sad, releasing your emotions is healthy and refreshing every once in a while, but don’t ever let it get the better of you.

Learning that at the end of it all everything will be okay and that this will all pass is important, it’s a huge step to being a better and stronger you.

Work on that big, beautiful brain of yours.

Meditate, read, listen to music, do anything that keeps your mind working in a positive and healthy light.

I’ve been reading a lot lately and John Berger is always a writer that I love to reflect on. The way he views the world is thoughtful and incredibly interesting, a definite recommendation to anyone who hasn’t read any of his wonderful wisdom.

I’ve also been listening to the angel that is Jhene Aiko. Her gorgeous voice has been on constant repeat lately, including the song ‘New Balance’ below, which was partly the inspiration for this blog post.

Give it a listen and if there’s any advice or wise words that you have to offer I’d love to hear it, or simply just let me know if this post has shed some positive light on you. I do hope that it has.



One thought on “To a New & Balanced Me

  1. Wonderful and very inspiring words Jess. I am always interested to find where you get your wisdom from, and think that you really need to consider expanding your writing and see where it will take you. Not only in blogs but explore the possibility of stories, either true or fictitious.

    I will read your words regularly as a source of inspiration .

    Finally thank you for being the wonderful human you are, suffice to say I dearly love you and miss you every single day. Xx.

    Liked by 1 person

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