An Irish Getaway | Belfast

My trip back to Ireland has only confirmed and made it easier for me to make the statement that Belfast holds my heart.

After living in the city centre for almost three years for university, I’ve grown to love and adapt to the city’s every quirk and edge, which is what makes Belfast so special to me.

For this very reason I was incredibly excited to show my friends around, to present to them the city that holds so many memories for me… a lot of them revolving around me being highly intoxicated, but that’s besides the point.

We all stayed at one of the best hostels I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying, which was so cute and quirky.

It was called Global Village and was situated just off from Botanic, which was where I used to live, making it all that more exciting for me to relive old times.

The staff were so welcoming and accommodated our every need, as well as joining us for multiple games of Kings and Never Have I Ever, which needless to say ended up with us all going out and hitting the Belfast pubs afterwards.

There were so many different things to look at, endless details situated around the hostel that I loved, such as motivating quotes on the doors of the bathrooms.

Travel is rebellion in it’s purest form. We follow our heart, we free ourself of labels, we loose control willingly, we love the unformilia, we trust strangers, we own only what we carry, we search for the better questions not answers, we truly graduate. We sometimes choose never to come back.


Being back in Belfast, I knew that I had to take my friends to my usual spots where the food and drink is always baaanging, and that hands down meant a trip to what used to be named Alley Cat, but is now the new and improved Bootleggers.

As expected, the burgers, topped fries and beer was out of this world, and my girls enjoyed it just as much as I did.


During our days in Belfast, we wanted to use our time wisely to sight-see, meaning wandering around all the spots that I used to go to and seeing the places that we wanted to visit.

What we did do however, was go and do a tour of the Crumlin Road Gaol, that is famously haunted and instantly took our interest, especially since we are all intrigued by the paranormal.

The tour was as amazing as expected and it’s safe to say that I highly recommend for anyone to go, it’s such an amazing place and holds so many stories, and I definitely felt some creepy vibes in the rooms that have been named as the ‘hot spots’.


For our last day in Belfast, we undoubtedly had to go to the Titanic Museum, which was full of fun facts even though we were all waaay too hungover to read half of the information that was provided at the exhibition.

Now being back in Spain and thinking back to our time in Ireland, I miss it more than ever, and I can’t wait until I get to go back to the place I call home again.



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